Tuesday, April 22, 2008


“When web site usability guru Jakob Nielsen tested how well major corporate sites met the needs of reporters last year, he gave them a "D" grade. Journalists who tested sites for him located basic information such as the companies' financials, management team, commitment to social responsibility and a phone number for a PR contact only 60 percent of the time.” (Online Press Rooms Save the Media Time and Frustration, by Marcia Yudkin)

Journalists are using more and more online sources to collect information about an issue or an organization that is of interest for their news articles. For that reason, companies provide online press rooms in their official websites. In these online sections, press materials are provided 24/7 to satisfy the needs and demands of reporters and editors. Using these online press rooms as a source of information by journalists, companies, in one extent, can control the nature of media coverage they gain, by choosing the information and material that is supplied.

The press material is offered in companies’ sites as a subcategory under “About Us” section or others offer it as a different category with the name “Press Room” or “Online News Centre”. Another way to offer it is as a distinct site called “[company’s name] Online Press Room”. An example of the last is Nintendo's Online Press Room, defined as a “dedicated resource for US-based media professionals seeking information about Nintendo of America Inc.” Media people, registered to this site, are provided with news and information, as well as, a continuous media contact with Nintendo.

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